Individual and institutional customers as opposed to dealers and brokers. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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I. retail re‧tail 1 [ˈriːteɪl] noun [uncountable] COMMERCE
1. the sale of goods to customers for their own use, rather than to shops etc:

• His experience in retail includes managing a number of shopping centres in New Zealand.

• The Potato Marketing Board determines the size range of potatoes which can be offered for retail.

— compare wholesale1
2. retail trade/​market/​business etc the selling of goods or services to members of the public, or companies involved in this:

• Anyone working in the retail trade will often have to deal with customers who want to exchange or return goods.

3. retail shop/​outlet/​store etc a shop etc that is open to members of the public:

• These large retail outlets stock a wide range of goods.

4. retail banking/​brokerage banking or investment services available to members of the public, rather than to businesses or companies
5. retail customer/​consumer etc an individual customer etc, rather than a business or company:

• The scheme relates to all new cars sold to retail customers.

  [m0] II. retail retail 3 adverb COMMERCE
if something is sold retail, it is sold to members of the public, usually in a shop:

• We only deal with wholesalers - we don't sell any of our goods retail.

  [m0] III. retail retail 2 verb COMMERCE
1. [intransitive] to be sold to the public, usually in shops, for a particular price:
retail for/​at

• The doll will retail for about £36.

2. [transitive] to sell goods in small quantities to members of the public, usually in a shop:

• The product is not being retailed through the right kind of outlets.

— retailing noun [uncountable] :

• The losses reflect the company's continuing problems in retailing.

• a weak period for the retailing sector

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retail UK US /ˈriːteɪl/ noun [U] COMMERCE
the activity of selling goods to the public in stores, on the internet, etc., rather than selling to stores, other businesses, etc.: »

She has worked in retail her entire adult life.


Organic food is one of the largest growth areas in food in the UK in retail.


Food retail is extremely competitive.

a retail chain/outlet/store — Cf. a retail store
the retail market/sector/trade — Cf. the retail trade
a retail buyer/consumer/customer — Cf. a retail customer
Compare WHOLESALE(Cf. ↑wholesale) adjective
retail UK US /ˈriːteɪl/ adjective COMMERCE
connected with the activity of selling goods to the public, rather than selling to stores, etc.: »

retail demand/operations/profits


The company needs to focus on its core retail business.

Compare WHOLESALE(Cf. ↑wholesale) adjective
retail UK US /ˈriːteɪl/ verb COMMERCE
[T] to sell goods to the public in stores, on the internet, etc.: »

They have a proven record in retailing clothes and shoes.

retail at/for sth — Cf. retail for sth
retail UK US /ˈriːteɪl/ adverb COMMERCE
if something is sold retail, it is sold to the public in stores, on the internet, etc., rather than to stores, other businesses, etc.: buy/sell retail »

It's much cheaper to buy wholesale than retail.

Compare WHOLESALE(Cf. ↑wholesale) adverb

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